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EGR Solutions

We have a very advanced solution for the EGR. The valves can become clogged with carbon deposits, causing them to fail or stick, thereby causing error codes and the vehicle to not run correctly. Our software solution to disable the EGR valve is a simple and effective method.


Our EGR delete solution and reprogramming of the engine management ECU results in lowered engine temperatures, improved throttle response and economy. It can also lengthen engine life by reducing oil contamination and carbon deposits.

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If your DPF (diesel particle filter) warning light or Anti-Pollution warning is on, please do not ignore it. Get professional advice, consider your options carefully and attend to the problem. Leaving it will ultimately cost you much more in additional repair bills and it can be dangerous. Our advanced DPF solution also known as a DPF delete is a popular option.

If your DPF warning lights are visible with an engine warning light too your DPF will already be significantly blocked. Forced regeneration by a garage or a “blast down the motorway” is not likely to cure the problem, these only work as preventative maintenance.  

If you have had your DPF core removed, we may be able to recalibrate your vehicles ECU to stop your engine going into limp-home mode and clear the DPF warning light. Consumers must be aware of the legal implications of this being carried out.

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