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Carbon Cleaning NI

We have partnered up With Carbon Cleaning NI who are Northern Ireland's Number 1 Engine Carbon Cleaning™ Service Technicians.

What is Carbon Cleaning?

Carbon Cleaning uses a unique hydrogen powered engine carbon cleaning machine, it will remove nearly all carbon build-up from your engine. In just 30 minutes, your engine will run like new. It is suitable for both petrol and Diesel engines. Find out more at

Benefits of Carbon Cleaning

engine carbon cean ni
Restore Power

- Restores Lost Power

increase mpg

- Increase MPG

prolong engine life

- Prolongs the Life of the Engine

reduce emmisions

- Reduces Emmisions

Carbon Cleaning and Remapping

Lots of engines loose some power over time so by restoring the lost power with an Engine Carbon Clean and then remapping it we get the best possible results.

Ask about our Remap and Carbon Clean Combo!!

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